Frozen Legends skin pack, which features iced-over versions

That would be the Frozen Legends skin pack, which features iced-over versions of three classic Fortnite skins, Raven, Red Knight and Love Ranger, making them blue and glowy and very cool indeed.

A new leak has revealed the price and launch date of this skin pack, which should go on sale for $25 on December 24, Christmas Eve. This makes it the perfect, safe-bet Christmas gift for Fortnite players for a few reasons. I’m going to explain this for the non-players in the audience:

  • Most Fortnite skins are on sale for V-Bucks, which is the Fortnitebrand of currency you have to purchase with real money, then use to buy skins. But this Frozen Legends pack is being priced straight up at $25, no V-Buck conversion required, which will make it easier for say, parents to buy for their kids.
  • Believe it or not, this is actually a good “deal” in the grand scheme of Fortnite hack. Yes, it’s $25 for three digital costumes, but normally legendary-tier skins cost around $20 each, so three for $25 is something of a steal, even if it may not seem like it to the uninitiated.
  • If this launches on December 24, that is a perfect opportunity for parents to log into their kids Fortnite (you shouldn’t need a username or password, as they are probably already signed in) and then purchase the Frozen Legends pack from the store. Christmas morning they’ll wake up and voila, three legendary skins, which is the Gen Z equivalent of unwrapping a Red Ryder BB gun or something like that from under the tree.

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