Fortnite Special Event V Bucks: Is Fortnite Special a Scam?

The Fortnite Special website is pretty official-looking, using the same artwork and font as the game’s official site. This can make it seem legitimate to players hurrying to grab the last remaining codes.


Fortnite Special Event V Bucks: Is Fortnite Special a Scam?

If something appears too good to be true, it’s usually worth avoiding. Epic Games has confirmed that the Fortnite Special site is fake and a scam v bucks free.

Epic Loomin posted the following in the Fortnite Discord:

The ‘Fortnite Special’ website is fake and will not give you v-bucks. This website is not an Epic Games website, there are no ways to get free v-bucks other than within Save the World and the battle pass within Battle Royale. Please do not be fooled by these websites! Stay safe.

Fortnite Special Event V Bucks: How to Get Free Fortnite V Bucks

As made clear by Epic Loomin, the only way to get free Fortnite V Bucks is within the game itself, by playing Save the World and Battle Royale.

If you come across another site claiming to offer free V Bucks, no matter how official it looks, proceed with caution. I’d recommend following the official Fortnite channels on social media to stay informed on potential Fortnite V Buck deals, and for warnings about active scam websites.

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