Fortnite Season 5 Update Adds Nintendo Switch Motion Controls

have been a big highlight of past Battle Passes. By purchasing one, you’d receive a set of seven new objectives to complete each week, which in turn allowed you to rank up your Battle Pass more quickly and earn rewards. Those without the Battle Pass could still earn a very select number of rewards, but they only had access to a single set of seven Starter challenges for the duration of the season.



For Season 5, there are no Starter challenges. Instead, each set of weekly challenges has been broken up into free and premium sections. These objectives offer up either five or 10 Battle Stars, with the latter being reserved for Hard-difficulty ones. Each week will have one Hard challenge for free players, while the other two are reserved for Battle Pass owners. Notably, the 5k XP bonus available each week is reserved for Battle Pass owners; you have to complete four challenges in a given week to unlock this, meaning it’s only possible with access to the week’s full suite of challenges.

You Still Get Free V-Bucks

As noted above, the Battle Pass costs free v bucks generator no human verification, but that arguably pays for itself if you play routinely. Among the premium rewards available in the Battle Pass are V-Bucks–every six to 10 tiers, you’ll earn 100 free V-Bucks. (There are also two 100 V-Buck rewards in the free reward tier, at ranks 18 and 34.) By reaching rank 58, you’ll have earned 1,000 V-Bucks, which is more than you’ll have spent on the Battle Pass in the first place.

There’s an additional 500 V-Bucks still to be earned after that, though doing so will require a fair amount of playtime. Epic estimates earning every reward in the Battle Pass takes from 75-150 hours, but if you play regularly and complete a lot of challenges, it shouldn’t be hard to earn back most or all of what you invest in the Battle Pass.

Road Trip And Drift Take Are The New Blockbuster And Carbide Challenges

One of Season 4’s wrinkles to the Battle Pass was the introduction of Blockbuster and Carbide challenges. These are back for Season 5, but with new names: Road Trip and Drift, respectively. Both of these require you to purchase the Season 5 Battle Pass to complete.

Road Trip challenges free v bucks generator task you with completing all seven challenges from any single week. The reward is a loading screen which–if Season 4 is any indication–will lead you to a secret Battle Star that ranks up your Battle Pass by one tier. There are seven Road Trip challenges in total, and by completing all of these (meaning you fully complete seven weeks of challenges), you’ll earn a bonus reward that looks to be a Legendary skin. We won’t be sure of what it is until at least the seventh week of challenges are live.

Drift challenges are similar to Carbide, in that you’re basically just asked to play a lot. This time around, however, rather than being asked to reach a certain level, you’re tasked with gaining a certain amount of XP–from 10,000 up to 200,000. Each of the five challenges offers a new style option for the Drift skin, an outfit which you’ll receive for free as soon as you buy the Battle Pass. If you complete four of the five Drift challenges (meaning you’ve earned 100,000 XP total), you’ll also receive the Rift Edge harvesting tool, an alternative for the pickaxe.

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