Epic lists the Valentine Wrap and Vines contrail

These seem to be the center of the event. Starting with the release of update 7.40 next week we’re going to be getting a whole new suite of free challenges that seem a little reminiscent of the 14 Days of Fortnite from Christmas-time, which seems so long ago by this point. And because these are outside of the battle pass, they’ll get their own rewards as well. Epic lists the Valentine Wrap and Vines contrail, and there will be five in total. We don’t know how many challenges we’re getting, but daily challenges from February 8-27 would be a lot–probably something less than that, but you never know.



Free Wrap: Share the love is the theme here, so there are some free goodies in the mix for anyone who uses the support-a-creator system. For instructions on how to get your cuddle hearts wrap, click here. 

Double XP Weekends:

Players will all receive double XP for the weekends of February 15-17 and 22-24. Handy if you’re trying to unlock the Ice King or if you’re still trying to level some of those skins from the battle pass: I know I am.

Featured Island Frenzy: The team will be featuring a ton of islands from creative Mode, which might be new game modes, baroque architectural creations or obstacle courses with the upcoming challenge coins. There will be a different featured island every day from February 12-22.

Competitive Mode: This one sounds…complicated.v buck generator  Epic is revamping the tournament system to some degree in order to have three different tiers of competition that will run simultaneously: Open, Prospect, Contender and Champion. It sounds almost like the beginnings of the sort of ranked leagues we see in all sorts of other games, albeit contained to this one experiment. You move up by earning pins in each daily session, and in each league you should find more dangerous players to contend with.

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